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Kewford Eagles Safeguarding Update

In order to increase the visibility of our coaches, from the first weekend in January you'll start to see Kewford coaches wearing our new Checked Trained Armbands. This is an idea we've had for a while now but with the current pressures on the club from The FA on getting club records in order we are issuing them to all of our FA qualified coaches. In January, these are the only volunteers you'll see working with children while we raise the levels of our other helpers to a recognised First Aider standard with upcoming FA First Aid and Safeguarding courses on 30th January and 20th February respectively.

New Kewford Armbands for coaches

Kewford has always had a policy in place to easily identify coaches, historically coaches should be the only adults in Kewford jackets. In the older age groups parents and supporters sometimes turn to their kids' Kewford jacket for warmth and shelter from the wind and rain so it has become harder to identify the coaches by this method, plus with mens' and womens' senior teams now at the club there are a lot more adults walking round in Kewford kit.

The armbands, which will carry the Kewford Checked Trained id card or their Licenced Coach Club membership card  are easy to spot and carry information about the qualifications held, the coaches name and The FA RESPECT logo.

We also hope this will give parents and supporters the green light to get themselves some Kewford gear, especially now our new club shop is open with the latest Mitre kit available. 

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Note: Mini Eagles 2019 intake


Cake Sale at Kewford !

Cake Sale at Kewford !