Lynn Boleyn (October 2005)

Lynn joined the club when her son Ben started through the club Feeder Group system, three and a half years ago. Since that point onwards, our Club has benefited enormously from the energy, drive, determination, responsibility and sheer willpower which Lynn has in abundance, in order to get things done. If ever you wanted to see a real volunteer in action, then Lynn would be a person you would point to as a shining light. In a relatively short space of time, Lynn took the club to heart, seeing that it fitted her own ideals of what her child should have as a right from a community sports club, and has striven in the way she knows best to help the club achieve its vision for the future.
Look at the roles she adopts wholeheartedly now for the club and you see where Lynn's strengths and her contribution are - a Charity Trustee, the club Child Protection Officer, our Newsletter Editor, and the co-ordinator on the Events Committee for many of the club events which she has either taken over, or introduced since coming on board. As a result of the work that Lynn does, with the help of many around her, the club has raised additional funds in the region of £10,000. Just as important, it is those events that Lynn has helped organise that has started to weld our club, and our Community, together. As Lynn herself says of the club . . for Ben it would be "somewhere safe where he could meet his friends - to be part of a Club he had grown up with". Lynn, within the Parent Committee, has been heavily involved in organising our Summer Ball, Halloween & Fireworks Spectacular, Race Nights Christmas Raffle and other fund raising events.
This isn't all - far from it ! Lynn is the tireless and driven Governor and Chairman of the HSA at Maidensbridge Primary School, and is now a driving force behind the effort to keep Maidensbridge from being closed, and Lynn knows she has the support of the club in those honourable intentions. Woe betide anyone who gets in Lynn's way, as, although she is one of life's more amicable and reasonable people, Lynn will fight a cause to the very end. As she says herself on the campaign to keep Maidensbridge open, - We are already causing quite a stir - the Stourbridge News headline last week was "It's Only Just Begun"!. I think the next one might be "They Ain't Seen Nothing Yet"!!
There are, of course, other sides to Lynn, as a Mother, as a full-time carer to her Mom and her Nan, and as an avid fan of Soul and Motown music - she listens to the Mike Hollis Soul Train on Saga Radio every Friday Night - we think Mike is now a fan of Kewford Eagles almost entirely because of Lynn"s connection! Lynn was also one of the founders of the Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons Appreciation Society!! Clearly, a person who loves life, who gets involved, who engages with people of all kinds in a friendly, helpful, and determined way. At Kewford Eagles FC we want Lynn, and her son Ben, to continue that way with us for many years, and hopefully we can realise the dreams and vision we have set ourselves for our community club - with a lot of help from Lynn. Great work Lynn, and the Club really appreciates what you do.