Max Edwards (October 2005)

Max Edwards could possibly be described as one of life's unluckiest, or luckiest, people - depending on which view you want to adopt. On the one hand, when his son Thomas started playing football alongside his mates, within the new Under 8 age group in 2000 - 2001 season, Max came to the Presentation Evening for that age group and said - "I'd like to help, but I play Golf on Sundays and so can't commit to anything on a regular basis". He was very unlucky in that he said it to one of the clubs avid collectors of people. He was then even more unlucky as he then managed to not commit himself to such a mountain of tasks and activities within the club, putting his heart and soul into everything, that we have almost had to beg him to rein himself back a little - perhaps just to give himself time to think of something else he could do. The trouble with that idea is - he would think of something else he could do for the club!
Of course, it goes without saying that, in the time that he has been with Kewford Eagles, now in his sixth season and still going strong, he would probably describe himself as a very lucky person since that fateful night when he "couldn't commit". Certainly, our club has been very lucky in getting a person like Max into the fold. Look at what he has done and does for the club, and it isn't hard to understand how Kewford Eagles has progressed in the last six years. A Team Manager and Coach for all that time, being one of the best and most enthusiastic coaches in the club, and for the young Feeder Group children one of the most entertaining. That was the first role that he could not commit himself to - and has given 100% ever since. He then wholeheartedly didn't commit himself to being asked and volunteering to take on what is now a massive role of Facilities Manager for the entire club, which encompasses virtually everything we spend our club budget on. Lynn Boleyn gets the money in - then Max goes out and spends it all on club strip, equipment, playing grounds, training facilities, searching out new grounds, winning new schools to the Kewford cause, negotiating with people in the borough to sponsor us and to give us more breathing space - and Max knows more than most that the breathing space is in short supply. Again Max has carefully not committed a further 100% to this effort. As the current Vice-Chairman, he will represent the club forcefully when he has to - and that forceful and enthusiastic personality has meant that he probably has one of the most recognizable profiles of any of our Management Committee, inside and outside the club. Max has also helped with the development of our web site, having originally uncovered the developers himself and assisted our web site editor over the last few years. He has thrown himself (still not committing) into any coaching the new Girls section wanted, as his daughter Victoria also plays for one of the Kewford teams. Quite what Angela, Max' wife, thinks about all this lack of commitment to Kewford Eagles FC is anyone's guess. We think that half her time is spent wondering which part of Kewford he is uncommitting himself to! He even describes his blood group as "Kewford Positive"!
With all the time he clearly won't commit to giving Kewford, it would seem unlikely that he has time for anything else - yet as always there are other sides. Max played football himself at adult level to the age of 30, and then took up golf, playing to a good handicap. As he says himself . . "The left foot still hits a pretty good ball even if the brain's faster than the body". Favourites include films such as Saving Private Ryan, music from the Black Eyed Peas, Genesis, and Robbie Williams, and holidays where there seems to be a lot of snow - he clearly loves the skiing with a large group of local friends. One interesting comment from Max, though, which must sum up the uncommitted obsession that is now Kewford. If asked about a greatest achievement outside of his family, the answer . .
"To see a player, boy or girl I have coached, do something in a game that they have struggled with in training. Then see the look on their face as they look at you. That is special..."
Keep it going Max. The Club needs you and is grateful for all that time that you have put in over the years - even if you can't really commit to it!