Sara Bennett (October 2005)

For a club to thrive and prosper, it needs the talents and enthusiasm of a variety of people. Sara Bennett has, in a short space of time, left a real and indelible impression on the rest of the committee, with an enthusiasm for detail which has made a real difference to how we operate. As the former club minutes secretary, and now Membership Secretary, it is that attention to detail that gets Sara noticed, and which keeps our club moving forward knowing we have the right and appropriate understanding of who plays in our club.
From ensuring that Harry, her son, had a good start with the club, Harry getting into an Under 7 South squad in the Summer of 2002, and then seeing her husband Jason somehow get himself "enthusiastically volunteered" to manage that team, Sara thought she had probably done enough to become the team secretary. Not a bit of it. Early on, Sara somehow allowed herself to get sucked into the Kewford committee tentacles, and has become a forceful voice in the committee meetings, making sure points are understood and properly debated.
Sara says of her time in the club, "I used to have a life on a weekend before Kewford!!! At the moment the weekend revolves around football!"
In saying this, Sara really has taken to what Kewford Eagles FC is about - "Kewford Eagles has everything to offer the next budding David Beckham, a safe environment, a great kit, high quality coaching and equipment and great friendship" There is no doubt that Sara, along with Jason, have put in a huge amount of time and effort into ensuring that, first and foremost, the children playing in their team, now in their fourth successive season, are treated properly, and that the parents are happy with how the children are treated. This is important to them both, because its important to the club.
There are, for Sara, things that can be fitted in outside the busy world of Kewford. Being a taxi service, to ferry her son and daughter to a variety of things such as Football, Karate and Dance lessons, sounds familiar to many of us. Supporting Arsenal as well as Kewford might be seen as a character flaw by many other football fans - but at least Sara knows a good football team playing good football, it seems. Musical tastes vary - Metallica to Dido seems to cover a fair distance in styles! Jason may also be slightly concerned knowing that Sara also likes Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom in their respective films, and especially in Pirates of the Caribbean! We don't believe they are planning to come round for coffee just yet, though, Sara ! In terms of favourite films, Sara also ends her list with "and of course "Speed" with Keanu Reeves" Well, Keanu, Johnny and Orlando - all we can say is - if you meet up with Sara, then just make sure that, if you promise you'll do something for her, you do it - because Sara will have it in black and white and read back to you before you can say "I'm a Celebrity, get me out of here!"
Thanks Sara. Kewford Eagles FC needs people who love the club as much as you do.