Under 6 volunteers (2005/2006)

The Club would like to thank all its volunteers, and at the moment and in particular those volunteers who have helped make the Under 6's age group come a long way. Pictured here are just some of those volunteers who have done so much, and apologies to others who couldn't be here when the photos were taken - we will add you later on guys!  

Here are some of the photo captions which tell you who the Under 6 age group club volunteers are, and what they've been doing since June 11th for the Under 6's -  

Brett and Liz Woodall - see photos - Brett, as Club Secretary ( Internal Processes ) and Liz ( Parent Events Committee Chairperson ) have attended regularly, setting up the facilties, setting up the Cafe, getting the coaching squares sorted out, and liaising with the parents and coaches alike. Brett has worked to the maximum to ensure that players and coaches are fully kitted out, liaising with other parts of the club ( Facilities Manager and Treasurer in the main ) to get this done, and ensuring that the vital induction processes for new parents and players are followed. Thank you Brett and Liz, for every bit of time and thought you have put in. 

Lee Small, co-manager of our Under 9 South team, and a pillar of strength again over the months in tirelessly helping to create the coaching facilities with Brett. Thanks Lee - wonderful effort and much appreciated by the club. 

Keith Marks, manager of our Under 11 West team as well as being the club Mini Soccer Development Manager - a great support for the new coaches, dispensing invaluable advice and encouragement to the newcomers and providing an understanding and 'nurturing' aspect to the club.  Well done Keith, and thanks as always.


Linda Ganner - who, with her husband Andy have provided help and given plenty of support in terms of keeping the rest of us going 

John Gidlow - one of the worlds more self-effacing volunteers and a man who doesn't let the club down - as well as providing the best First Aid courses around !

Lisa Brown and Jo Woods - our new Under 6 Age group volunteers who are now doing the admin support for the agre group and liaising between the parents and the club for all matters, good and perhaps things for improvement. Again, a big thanks to Lisa and Jo for stepping forward. 

In general a thank you to those above who have come into the club out of what is now the Under 9 South team framework - surely a fine example of parent volunteering from just one group of parents who came originally to Kewford from a Feeder Group three years ago - and who have naturally become a big part in making our club tick. 

Also with great thanks to Martin and Nadine Robins, Martin being co-manager of the Under 9 South team with Lee, and both Martin and Nadine have given enormous support to the project over the weeks, and Kevin Fletcher, who have all worked tirelessly and unfortunately could not attend today for the photo shoot! Also, a big thanks to our new age group coaches, to Fuzzy, Dave, Wayne, Barry, Lee, Dave, Paul, Rob and Kevin, and we hope to feature you soon on the web site in full club regalia !


And finally - a big thanks to the Under 6 parents. As always, tell us how you feel, use your parent age group volunteers Lisa and Jo to feed back to, and together, with more volunteers, we will help build the type of club you want and our community needs.