Colin Worthington (November 2006)

Ask anyone connected with Kewford Eagles and you can guarantee one name will be mentioned sooner rather than later.
Mention Kewford and its Charter Standard Status - who was the driving force?
Mention Kewford becoming an Official Charter Standard Community Club, the "pinnacle" Club award given by the FA, and whose name crops up?
Mention the Under 6's Feeder group - the life blood of the Club and who was more than heavily involved?
Mention Kewford becoming a registered Charity - the name behind this?
What about Kewfords hugely successful annual 5-aside tournament - I wonder who organizes this?
Let's talk about Kewfords Football Development Plan, or who was awarded the Birmingham County FA Charter Standard Administrator Award, a trustee of the Club, a former Club Secretary, former co-team manager, a current Executive Committee member and now the Club's current Chairperson. 
How about instigator and author of the web page you are now reading (except for this feature!)
And the name as if you didn't already know?

Colin Worthington.

It all started back in the summer of 1998, when Colin, together with Richard Molland was at the Scout Ground coaching the Wall Heath Scouts Team. They were approached by Ian Pound, Colin Russell and Derek Cave to run Kewford Under 11's. Having got the green light from the bosses (Di and Del!), nine friends from the Church of the Ascension Primary School banded together to form the nucleus of the team. Four of these players played from Under 11 to the current Under 19's without interruption! Colin and Richard co-managed for three seasons, having great fun doing so and working together well in training and on match days, despite supporting rival teams from the North West!

Married to Diana with three children, of whom his younger son still plays for Kewford, Colin has been, and is still instrumental in Kewfords growth and development and there is no sign of him letting up! Indeed Colin is affectionately known in our family as "Colin Kewford", (Cabernet Colin - as my wife calls him due to his affection for red wine - Ed), others refer to him as "Wordy Worthington" - have you read some of his emails?!

Kewford Eagles Football Club is extremely proud of the effort, determination and resilience of Colin in his desire to making our Club the Number 1 Charter Standard Community Club in the Region. As Richard Molland, previous Chairman and personal friend says, "It would not be an over statement to say that the Club would not be where it is today without Colin Worthington."

There is one chink in Colin's armour - and that is his devotion to a certain Football Club from the North West  - can't quite think of the name but they play in red and have never won the Premiership - unlike those Red Devils!