Roger Adams (December 2005)

In August 2005, Roger and Kim Adams celebrated their Silver Wedding Anniversary. In terms of relationships, clearly the Adams Family (no, not that one !) are an example of marital longevity, with everything that goes into such a relationship - trust, commitment, honesty - all good qualities for building strong ties with the ones who mean the most. Whilst Roger's association with Kewford hasn't been quite as long, he has been a coach and team manager since taking on an Under 7 team in the 2000 - 2001 season. In that time he has built a very successful table-topping Division 1 team, and in those six seasons has forged strong ties with the players and parents, some of whom have been with Roger since the start. He says of the early days, when he found himself 'volunteered' .  . "Never having any previous experience of running a football team or trying to control more than than one boy I hadn't realised what I'd let myself in for, but I really enjoyed my first season as a manager."   To be able to succeed for so long, initially as a co-manager with Phil Webb, and for the last four seasons, on his own, Roger has displayed all the qualities that make people trust him and respect him, and undoubtedly you would hear the same from the people he deals with as far as the team is concerned. A keen football fan, as a long-standing Baggies supporter, Roger has brought his enthusiasm and common-sense, and familiar touch, to handling both the players and the parents involved. 

Answering questions such as 'do you have time for anything else', Roger echoes what a lot of team managers, coaches and volunteers might say . . "Well I wouldn't ask my wife this because I know what she'd tell you, whenever the phone rings she'll say it's for you, it's bound to be about football, and she's usually right, it does take a lot of your time up, but I enjoy it."   As for anyone who has ever done volunteer work, and particularly for as long as Roger, there are times when they will tell you it can get too much, and you feel like finishing the role - and Roger is no different from anyone else in that respect. However, with his usual sense of responsibility, towards the players and parents, he says of any thoughts of resigning . . "but that wouldn't be fair on the well behaved lads . . .  and especially to this seasons squad who are a pleasure to be with, and that goes for their parents as well" 

Roger recognizes the support he receives from the parents in his team, and especially from Greg Hill and Stuart Curlett, and all the other Mums and Dads who, week in, week out, help him run the team on match day "Match days and they all chip in, erecting / taking down nets, corner flags, running the line and doing the match reports for the web site." 

Team Management isn't all. Very early on Roger showed the club he was willing to give a hand in how the club runs and operates, contributing his own brand of people-skills, utilizing a variety of contacts and 'networks' in order to better promote the club. Taking on the role of Coaching Development Manager some years ago meant that Roger would be in the thick of ensuring that the club benefited from having properly-qualified coaches and team managers throughout, and thus made a huge contribution towards the club being able to achieve the top awards from the FA. Roger continues to look after this vital and often time-consuming role, liaising with the FA, County FA and other bodies, as well as the new coaches themselves, to ensure that the right people attend the right courses at the right time. With a club the size of Kewford, and with so many new coaches coming on-board each year, this is no mean feat. The FA Coaching Manager, at one of the more recent courses, made comment on Roger's contribution - 'without people like Roger Adams at Kewford, clubs and players wouldn't get the benefit of good quality coaching'.  

Proud of the club . .  "We are getting bigger each year and will surely one day be the best Youth Club this side of Birmingham, so if you have a son or daughter whose keen on playing football, give Kewford a chance." . . . .  Roger will throw himself into any task if asked and available, and this willingness to get involved, to recognize what the club is about and how to play an active and positive role, is Roger's real contribution. Whilst he brings sound organization and experience in wherever he can, he also brings in a real sense of club unity and a 'one-for-all, all-for-one' spirit, and the club, and those involved with Kewford, would like this small recognition to go to Roger for such a tremendous contribution over the years.