Brett Woodall (January 2006)

In March 2003, when they first started with Kewford, Brett and Liz Woodall wholeheartedly and enthusiastically embraced the club. Liz's view is already represented, and in many ways mirrors the way that Brett has become involved. Not through team management or initial coaching, but by showing the club early on that he felt he almost HAD to get involved. With such a genuine desire to help out, Brett, just like Liz, has become, in a very short space of time, a highly valued volunteer and real contributor to the Kewford cause.
At first, Brett did what he could, as a willing parent helper, within the team managed by Lee Small and Martin Robins. After a short space of time in the club, it was clear that Brett was, and is, one of those people that makes a difference within an organisation such as Kewford . When an opportunity presented itself in early 2004, as the committee had to re-organise, Brett was asked if he could help out. He immediately said he would. As he says himself - "Over the previous year I had come to realise how much time and effort was continually being put in by everyone involved, to make Kewford Eagles such an incredible success."
At the June 2004 Annual General Meeting, Brett took on a newly-created role, becoming the Club Secretary responsible for all its internal organization and main internal processes - including a large number of activities and tasks - all of which are vital for the club. Brett attacks them all with skill, enthusiasm and dedication.
Given a very early introduction to the ways of the club committee and its workings, Brett has always been prepared to listen to the old fogies - sorry, the longer-serving committee members - and thus gain a full understanding of the reasons why the club is where it is, and why it does the things it does. At the same time, with greater knowledge and confidence comes the eventual assertion of Brett's own ideas and initiatives. There are already significant improvements made within the club as a result of his positive contributions. Brett has a wealth of contacts, either from outside friendships or business relationships, who he can call on and draw in to help the club, and this has been extremely useful in different circumstances. Large amounts of time and help within events such as the annual five a-side tournament, as well as a number of social and other activities, have been invaluable.
Perhaps the most notable "club improvement contribution" from Brett recently is contained in his involvement in the Under 6 Feeder Group - a brand new venture for the club. This Feeder Group being the effective "life-blood" for the club, Brett has already stamped his mark into our future teams - in the way they are set up and the way they go forward. In saying this, he doesn't forget the help he receives from those people in his son's team who have made their own significant contribution, saying . . . "I would also like to take this opportunity to thank Lee Small, Martin and Nadine Robins for supporting myself and Liz in our roles. They have never let us down when we have asked for help, either with something we are doing for the Club, or a Club-wide event, and we both feel we are very lucky to have their support"
The difficulty for the Woodall family must be in who wins the annual "Woodall Family Cup" for most important contribution to the Kewford cause. Is it Liz for her work and Chairmanship of the Events Committee; is it Brett for his work as the Club Secretary ( Internal Organisation and Processes ), or is it the Woodall children combined - Joe, Harvey and Annie - for enduring a Mum and Dad who they must think have gone stark, staring bonkers !
Whoever wins the "Woodall Family Cup", Kewford wins out in the end. Thanks to Brett for everything he has done and continues to do - and hopefully Kewford will continue to prosper for many years to come as a result of his involvement.