Nadine Robins (November 2006)

As we've said many times, in meetings, in Newsletters, on the web site - a club like ours always needs willing and capable volunteer help. It needs people who will just get on with a variety of things and fit in with the people around, making sure that activities are done, and done well.

Nadine has always been one of those people who gets involved to help, in the areas of club activity where help is needed, but without feeling a need herself to get 'official recognition'. Not one for meetings or club committee roles, Nadine prefers instead to just do things - and in so doing should be an example to people who also want to volunteer, but don't necessarily know what is required. Whether it is doing the administration at the Feeder Group on a Saturday afternoon, or helping with the Five A'side organisation, or the Awards Evening preparation, or just helping the Parent Events Committee in ways where she feels there is a need - Nadine will volunteer her time and effort. This is all absolutely vital to the club, if we are to be seen as a well-run organisation fit to coach children at football.

As a football fan herself (Wolves!), with son, Liam, who has played for Kewford since coming through the Feeder Group system, and with a husband, Martin, who is also heavily involved in co-managing a team and helping the club in terms of becoming our official 'Groundsman' at the Scout Field, Nadine does know what the club is all about, why we do what we do, and the way we do it. This understanding helps enormously, as she sees exactly how and when to fit in. As a source of information to other potential volunteers, about the club, and about the 'joys' and advantages and personal benefits of volunteering in this way, Nadine is invaluable.

Thank you, Nadine, for all the help given to the club, and we hope it will continue for many years to come.