Jon Gidlow (December 2006)

Sometimes it's best to let the words provided by the volunteer do the talking. In this case, John Gidlow tells us exactly why he does what he does for the club. The entertaining way he describes this below is exactly true to the informative,  entertaining and very humorous way he delivers First Aid courses to our team managers, coaches and parent volunteers. 

"To be perfectly honest, "I don't like football!" This may sound odd from a volunteer at a football club but it's true. I came into contact with Kewford Eagles when my son, George, was offered a place in the under 7's South side four years ago. I don't know where he gets his interest in football from as none of the family watch it, but he just loves playing. The squad, whilst not being obvious Premiership Potential, have grown together to become great friends as well as team mates. From the outset I was impressed with the organisation at Kewford Eagles. I had no idea what was involved with running a club for children and was a little surprised, and impressed, when I found out that all coaches had to have the same criminal records checks as teachers. I was also impressed that Kewford Eagles insist all coaches are First Aid trained, and that is where I came in. As part of my work as a Senior Training Officer for West Midlands Special Needs Transport (the company that provide the Ring and Ride buses) I teach first aid. I offered my services and was pleased to be able to provide training evenings for the teams. For the sessions, I wrote a tailored "Sports Injuries" course specifically to look at the likely things that Coaches could face, along with the core Emergency Aid subjects. I am a passionate believer in the importance of First Aid skills and like to teach in a way that is memorable and entertaining. Who wants hours of "Chalk and Talk?" I know I don't. The courses were a success, and we hope to keep running them. I would not describe myself as a convertee to football, but I do love watching my son play for Kewford Eagles. It gives me satisfaction to be a small part of an organisation dedicated to making childrens' lives more fulfilling and to developing their skills. Not only skills in football, but in teamwork, co-operation and thinking out problems.  PS, if anyone could explain the off-side rule to me I'd be grateful!" 

John - you bring a real, much appreciated, and significant voluntary contribution to the community, to the way we at the club operate and, most importantly, to our ability to look after our players and children properly. Well done, and thank you.