Richard Holmes (December 2006)

At Kewford Eagles, we are very proud of our web site. This is largely because we are lucky to have one person who has, over the last three years, devoted a huge amount of time, effort and ability into its development. Rich Holmes is our web site Editor-in-Chief, who loves to do the web-site work for the club. Rich gets many, many background plaudits from the rest of the committee members and team managers for his work, shuns the limelight or any form of publicity, and was insistent that we would never be able to get him to put his photo and write-up onto the web-site. 

He was right. We couldn't get him to do this. This page is not inserted by Rich because he would never want to promote himself, or even get the thanks that the rest of the club wanted to say. 

So we sneaked it on without him looking! Our thanks to Andy Bowden and Orphans Press for helping us out with this.

Back to the story. Rich is married to Wendy, with two young boys, Joe - who plays for the current (2006-7) Under 14's East team - and Dan. When Joe started in the club at Under 8's, Rich was interested enough in the club to help, but never wanted to be a 'committee man'. Not Richard's cup of tea. Instead, he stated he was interested in helping the club by setting up and getting involved with a club web site. We felt this would be a great idea - web-sites for clubs were just beginning to really take off, and we wanted to have the same facility as other good clubs in the area. 

So, when Max Edwards, through his contacts with Orphans Press, found out about their 'framework' site, he and Rich almost immediately took the idea a stage further and brought that site in. The Orphans framework allows Rich to learn, understand and use its background functionality, and Rich is a self-taught enthusiast in this field who has discovered, over the last few years, several background technical tricks which almost puts him on a par with the developers themselves. 

For the last year or more, Rich has effectively been the sole editor, putting masses of information onto the site, and liaising with the service provider at Orphans, acting as our point of contact for the many innovations and ideas he has come up with for improvements. Certainly, the usage of the site has grown markedly since we first started, in part because the framework is so good, and in large part because of the effort that Rich has put into it. For example, the tables are updated by Richard directly and regularly, helping ours and other teams understand exactly where they are in their respective Leagues. 

As with everyone, Richard has his flaws - he's only human. This is yet another of those overly-pleased-with-themselves Red Devils fans. It must be a disease. Can't be cured, and can't stop him from looking a bit too smug on the touchline at Kewford matches when United have won yet another match. If only they could win five European Cups, eh Rich, and get to keep the trophy - just like another team in Red from the North West. Oh, and Rich, together with Wendy, enjoys the odd glass of wine or beer. Always in moderation, of course, and especially when his brother-in-law has been over-generous in hospitality at a house-party! (hic!)  

As in many cases of volunteer work, Rich will state that he does it because he wants to help - not to get awards or plaudits or even just a small thank you like this. BUT - Rich, you must have known we were going to get to you anyway. Thanks for all the effort and work you put into the club, and may it continue for many years to come.