Nicola Small (June 2009)

When did you first get to know about Kewford?  I remember Dominic coming home from school with a flyer advertising the Kewford Feeder Group; both Steve and I are HUGE footie fans so we were keen for him to get involved in such a great team sport.  At the time Dominic was relatively shy and we thought that taking him to the Feeder Group would help him with his confidence.  After the "trials" I remember Dominic checking the post every day to see if he had been successful and could continue playing for Kewford.  If he had received a "No" letter, I don't know what we would have done, but fortunately he got a "Yes" letter and 5 years on, the rest as they say, is history.

How did you first start getting involved and why?  Steve came back from the Parent's Meeting and told me that he had volunteered to be the Manager for Dominic's team.  Its really strange, but when you are the Manager's wife, people assume that you have a say in the running of the team.  In order to avoid the hassle that goes with this, I decided to help our team's secretary by organising Parent's night's out, mums versus lads matches, team bonding sessions and supporting Kewford Events.  It was at these Kewford Events that I met Jason Bennett, who encouraged me to get involved with fundraising and pitch control at the 5 a side tournament.  When Brett and Liz Woodall heard my mad idea which turned into the Football-a-thon, they encouraged me to see it through to fruition - I am SO glad that they did!  More recently, as my youngest, Elliot is starting the whole process off again, Keith has asked me to help with the relaunch of the Feeder Group into Kewford Mini Eagles and with the administration of the Mini Eagles - I must be a glutton for punishment!

What are the rewards in getting involved in volunteering within the club?  The rewards are HUGE!  When you have children, you soon realise that your children's social life will be your social life; by getting involved in the club we have opened up our circle of friends to beyond just our team. We have fun and laughs a plenty.  I am a great believer in putting something back into the community; what could be better than helping so that children can learn to socialise, be competitive and enjoy themselves whilst getting fit at the same time?  The adrenaline rush that I got from organising the Football-a-thon was MASSIVE, a feeling like no other; knowing that you have helped to raise so much money which will benefit all within the club is so rewarding, a real feel good factor!

Would you recommend getting involved in the workings of the club to others?  Definitely!  Too few people do too much within the club, and if everyone helped to do something, life would be so much easier and rewarding for everyone.  Since becoming more involved, I feel I am more a part of the club, and not just our team.

Are there other things you do outside work and the club - if you have time?  I was brought up to love football and cricket, so when I am not supporting Kewford Eagles, I support Aston Villa.  I am a Vice President at Himley Cricket Club after being their first team scorer for 13 years (see I can't help but get involved in clubs!).  Himley is where Steve and I met, so it is very dear to my heart and I am delighted that both Dominic and Elliot have now decided to share the same love as their mum and dad for the gentlemens game!  I love swimming and go once a week - it is 30 minutes of the week which are just for me - pure bliss!  My favourite TV programmes are Lost and Spooks.  I love listening to music, especially when I am sat on the motorway!  At the moment in my CD are Pink! and Kelly Clarkson.  Most important, my family are the be all and end all for me, so by getting involved in what they do means that I get to spend more valuable time with them!