Jason Bennett (January 2006)

When little Harry Bennett started in the Year 1 Feeder Group in March 2002, at a tender age of six, it is highly unlikely that his Mum and Dad thought that, in the relatively short space of three to four years, they would both be on the club committee. Yet - that's what happened! Both Jason and Sara Bennett have taken to the club like the proverbial ducks to water.
As always, the starting point , in terms of getting enthusiastically involved, was in allowing himself to be "volunteered" to become a team manager - from Under 7's in 2002 playing five a-side through mini soccer, competing very successfully in the Stourbridge League. As he says himself, from the early days . . "I remember the first game against Brierley Hill Bullets, we had just 5 players, a great roller coaster of emotions, tears in my eyes when Harry scored his first hat trick, even though we lost 9-5 (what a score line) and I'll never forget seeing our goalkeeper pulling daisy's up as the opposition attacked".
Next season will see Jason looking forward to the challenges of full eleven a-side football. Jason has flung himself into coaching and building a solid group, with parents as well as players all recognized as being important to the team.
Having taken his first level FA coaching badge early on, Jason wanted to go further - and then took the Level 2 badge shortly afterwards. This has enabled him to get actively involved in coaching the older age group under Helen Walters' team management - a real show of dedication to the Kewford club cause, and much appreciated by that team, its players and parents. On the big question "why do we do it", Jason answers . . "Why do I do it, simple really, I want to give the kids of today the opportunities which were not around in my days, if they want to play football, at any level, then let's provide it, it's better then them playing on the play stations. Looking at all the clubs around, Kewford seems to embrace this concept. The other reason is, if I didn't do this, Sara would have me do odd jobs around the house every spare moment I have!"
Other contributions have naturally followed. This willingness to help the club as well as his team became apparent when he volunteered for various tasks in the annual club Five A-Side tournament. The club commitment was then "extended". Jason was asked to adopt a new club role at the 2004 AGM - that of Club Secretary for "External" matters - principally dealing with the main football bodies that a club such as Kewford gets involved with on a regular basis - the County FA and the League's being the focus of Jason's new club activity. Jason thought about the role for at least a few minutes - and then said "Yes, I'll give it a go". Quote. "I would like to think by me doing my bit it makes this huge club work efficiently, until you get behind the scenes you never really understand what goes on"
Since then, his ability to communicate properly with those governing bodies, to deal with the correspondence that flows from and to the other footballing organizations, has been apparent and valued by the club. Not only this, but Jason's organisational talent has come to the fore, in pulling together two internal Christmas charity matches between the Dads, plus a Dads Summer Five a-side tournament - and these events are now being cemented into the Kewford club calendar as popular diversions from the regular schedule of junior football.
With all this going on in the club, Jason has to work hard to fit other important aspects of life into the schedule, but manages it . . "apart from helping to run a busy company over in Shrewsbury and being a Husband to Sara and a Father to Harry and Amy, I don't get to much free time. Passionate Aston Villa fan, since birth, I go as often as I can but the Bennett household has very split loyalties, Sara's an Arsenal fan, Harry's a Manchester United fan and Amy's a Chelsea fan (glory hunters)"
Kewford Eagles FC would like to thank Jason for his time and effort on behalf of the club. There is no doubt much more to come.