Linda Ganner (November 2005)

Just like many volunteers in the club, Linda Ganner found herself drawn in early on, helping out wherever she could. Since her younger son Lewis got involved via the Feeder Group at under 7, and now Tom plays for Max's team, Linda has done what comes naturally to her - helped in whatever area of the club has required her own strengths and abilities.
Early on, Linda found she had to get involved. Her links with school events, and an ability and desire to help organise, became a real attribute within the club. Since stepping forward to help out a club which she felt from the beginning to be "professional", Linda has been involved in organising many of our now popular social get-togethers alongside other members of the parent Events Committee.
One thing which Linda has revealed of herself, and which may surprise some who don't know her too well, is a keen and almost ruthless competitive streak. Linda hates losing! It was this determination to ensure that not only her son Lewis but also a number of other players continued to play for the club, when it looked at one time as if the team might fold, that made Linda decide she had to step forward. Linda became, from what we know, the first lady team manager in the club's history - "My sons third season saw me taking on the role of manager of his team, and I have never felt nerves like it. I go from a mother of 2 Monday to Friday to a mother of 13 on weekends" Linda naturally took to ensuring the team was organised, providing the leadership needed and enabling two of the Dads in the team, Gavin Carter and Ian Perry, to take over the coaching role for her team.
Like so many parent volunteers, just doing something, and seeing the reward coming back via the children playing football, is enough for Linda. "To see my team train and play every week is very rewarding and the satisfaction speaks for itself when they walk off the pitch with a smile on their faces."
In between all this club work, Linda and her husband Andy (who serves a mean burger at the barbecues and also gets involved in doing a lot of help for the club - thanks Andy) can enjoy their children's hobbies, with a lot of bike riding and cinema-going thrown in - plus numerous holidays which puts her in the Karen Brady category of "ladies involved in football"! In addition, the friendship with new people which has come about as a result of this involvement in the club has been of great personal value to Linda.
The club would undoubtedly be poorer without such fun, enthusiasm and responsibility which Linda brings in spades. Thanks Linda, for everything you've done so far, and continue to do for the club.