Liz Woodall (November 2005)

Epitomising the heartbeat of the volunteer, when giving her own view of why she got involved in the first place, Liz Woodall probably provides the clearest, most unambiguous answers that you can give, and which could be quoted back to anyone at any time. For example, when her son Joseph was selected for a team after the 2003 Feeder Group, Liz states "As time went on and I got to know more about the Club I was shocked. All these people took time out of their week and weekends to make sure my son had football kit, a home ground, goals, footballs and anything else he or his team needed. I had to get involved."
We have, via our Chairman's AGM message, used the phrase "ask not what your club can do for you, but what you can do for your club" - perhaps borrowing a little from JFK. Liz is the sort of person who clearly takes this philosophy on life to heart. She says . . . . . . "I didn't know anything about football so what could I do? I decided to sell tea and coffee on match days to our team and the visitors to raise a bit of money for the Club" and "It was not a choice really. I could not stand by and watch other people putting in all the time and effort that they do without helping."
By automatically getting involved, by just "doing" what she could, Liz immediately became noticed by the club committee (and especially by those who look out for the ones who look like they just might . . . etc ! ) and from that point it wasn't really a question of whether Liz could be involved - but how soon, and in what area of the club. If its ideas you need, and you want to get new things initiated, then Liz is the person who would probably come up with the ideas. As the current Events Committee Chairman, working alongside Lynn and Linda, Liz will often say "I've just had an idea" - and then follow it up with three more in quick succession! She has been involved in the Race Night, Five a-side, Presentation Night and Summer Ball, and last season made a huge contribution towards selling the FA Cup draw tickets which raised so much money for the club. This season has seen her put a lot of time each week into helping out with the two Feeder Groups we have run, working with Nadine Robins (we want that photo Nadine!), and Linda Ganner, to administer the event and run the cafe.
It is from this willingness to get involved that the club can benefit and move forward. Kewford is certainly lucky to have a person such as Liz doing what she does, encouraging others to get involved, spreading the word to others and helping them do the same. Liz will naturally try to bring people together to work as a team, in a friendly atmosphere, for the benefit of the whole group. She will help organise or get involved in the main club events alongside her club colleagues with real enthusiasm. It is probably her view of what "club life" means in general that is so interesting, especially when applied to her family, and her children's upbringing . . "I have 3 children, Joe (8), Harvey (4) and Annie (1). They are not "excuses-not-to-help", but a reason. When I hear people complaining that their kids have got nothing to do, nowhere to play, nowhere safe to go, then they should come and spend the weekend with us. Joe and Harvey play with their friends, mainly Kewford players and siblings, while Brett and myself help out. Annie sits with me and whoever else is helping on the cafe, the kids check in with us every few minutes but other than that they are too busy enjoying themselves"
In the end it is statements such as "I am proud to be involved with Kewford.. . . . . I feel it is a good example to Joe and my other two children that sometimes you get out what you put in" - that make Liz such a great volunteer - and the contribution is very much appreciated. Thanks Liz - and keep those ideas coming!